What We Do

With our experience as well as our transparent and flexible work, we always meet our clients' needs by providing Full-Stack Development, Software Architecture and IT Consulting.

In addition, we consult in the specialized areas of Blockchain, Machine Learning and Cloud-Native Computing.

Tailored tech solutions
fostering growth and

Our Mission

We provide creative, innovative consulting and high-quality software engineering tailored to our clients.

Together, we achieve this by cultivating an open and sustainable environment that enables everyone to collaborate, grow and excel.

Who We Are

Tom Graupner
Co-Founder, Backend Developer
and Cloud-Native Specialist
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Keno Dreßel
Co-Founder, Full-Stack Engineer
and Machine Learning Specialist
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Philipp Piwowarsky
Co-Founder, Full-Stack Engineer
and Blockchain Specialist
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Timo Erdelt
Full-Stack Engineer, Green IT, Functional
Programming, User-Centered Design

Why people love
to work with us.

"Spendit and Unit 214 are collaborating with great success in different projects. Unit 214 delivered a scalable Scala microservice, provided an initial setup for our Kubernetes cluster, as well as supported our internal development team with their expertise. Overall their efforts exceeded our expectations."Andreas Lehmann - Head of Engineering at Spendit AG
"We enjoy working with Unit 214 a lot as they are able to build software end-to-end in a very independent and professional way, always managing expectations pro-actively. At the same time integrating them into our existing team was super smooth as well."Mattes Groeger - CTO & Co-Founder of Atem.Earth
"We are pleased with the expertise and efficiency demonstrated by Unit 214, as they delivered high-quality software swiftly, making substantial contributions to both our PHP APIs and various projects across major frontend frameworks."Ludovic Cheng - Commanders Act
"Unit 214 has been a reliable partner for years, they enable us to add expert capacity in a wide range of blockchain projects, from smart contract development over Web3 integration to the conception of an NFT sale and ticketing-system. With the start of the AI-era their specialty consultant has provided us with in-depth knowledge and their senior team has helped us to successfully launch an AI-based product."Emil Wagner - Managing Director at Ape Unit
"The senior full-stack engineers at Unit 214 were vital mentors to our newly formed team. Their support accelerated our team's growth, delivery timelines, and code quality with a lasting impact."Moritz Stellmacher - Unit A
"The team at Unit 214 has a long and successful history of working with us, they have been a reliable partner in many different engineering challenges. Unit 214 has been a key resource for technical analysis, system architecture, project planning and full-stack blockchain development."Yanislav Malahov